wah, wah one and one is two
bring on the drama
i'm watching tv and i don't need you
we got a drama
i'll tell you something and you know it's true
you're full of drama
my piss is yellow and the sky is blue
we got a drama 
Spare Me
you're draining me
wah wah one and two is three
bring on the drama
there's something wrong yeah i agree
we got a drama
i tell you something your choking me
with all your drama
life stinks and the grass is green we got a drama 
spare me
your draming me
spare me
your draining me draining me

Off The Wagon

Been dry long enough
my brain and body need some abuse
rake me over the coals and i'll try to think of an excuse
i set a goal, it won't be hard
hit every bar on the boulevard
bad idea yeah, your probably right
but i won't be your designated driver tonight
off the wagon and on the town [repeat]
just how much i embarassed myself
well, i haven't got a clue
did i throw a drink in your face
or tell you how much i love you
oh shit, i lost my i.d.
hook up the Jagemeister IV
Bad idea yeah you're probably right
but i wont be your designated driver tonight
Off The Wagon and on the town [repeat]
set a goal
hit every bar
bad idea
all right all right
off the wagon and on the town [repeat]

I Need

be honest with me
really, you can be frank
come and and lay it on me
come on and validate me 
i need
i need
enough talk about me 
Lets talk about you
What do you think about me 
I need 
What about my needs I want I need


I took a walk in the park
it was scary and dark
i looked up at the moon and i wasn't afraid
I wasn't afraid
She's so bright tonight
Shining through the trees
She's glowing on you
Take a walk with me
You can walk with me in the moonshine
If you look at the moon
When i look at the moon
We're not far away
We're connected by the moon
Looking at the moon in the moonshine

Bitter Wine

I'll drink bitter wine
I'll eat humble pie
I'll do all this for some peace
I'll do all this for peace of mind
Can we trust eachother
I'm not your keeper
No farewell sister
Try to have savoir-faire
Pretend like i just don't care
You can do all this just to get high
I'll do all this just to get by

The Masses Are Asses

I still get angry, I still get sad
And the losers still drive me mad
And i wonder if i have anything to say anymore
Oh yeah i wonder if i have anything to say except
The masses are asses
They're all asses
Things still piss me off
And things still make me cry
Poetry's in motion not in mind
Poetry's in motion but not in my mind
Poetic justice will come in time
And i just have to laugh 
I just have to laugh because the masses are asses
We're all asses
Masses are asses every day 
Masses are asses in every way

Bad Things

I like the sign with the blinking light
I like the sign it makes me feel alright
I like the lights yeah they're soothing me
I like the lights when they get blurry
But something out there's messing with me
A strange dose of reality
I had some things i had to do today
I had some things my head got in the way
I thought a drive might make it okay
I thought a drive would take it all way
I can't shake what's hanging over me
I can't shake it this brain freeze
Something out there's messing with me
Bad things come in more than threes
Bad things bad things
I just wanna
Bad things bad things
I just want to feel good
I like the sound of the urban din
I like the sound it fits the mood i'm in
The city plays its manic song
The city plays i wanna sing along
But i can't shake what's hanging over me
I can't shake it this brain freeze
Bad things keep happening to me
Bad things come in more than threes

Must Have More

Her mouth is calling you
his hands are empty
My brain is drying out
It was so hungry
Must have more love for you
My eyes are cold and crcked
She cried a river
He pulls his hair right out
Tries to forgive her
It's in the atmosphere
You cannot hide it
So many long sharp tounges
Keep us divided

Non-Existent Patricia

Non-existent Patricia
Room 426
Non-existent Patricia
Does not exist
Non existent Patricia
Melts into the walls
Was she at the party 
No one can recall
Non-existent Patricia
Did Patricia say something
Something i missed
It was spoken so softly
It did not exist
Non-existent Patricia
What's on her mind
She ain't sayin'
She's being kind

Me, Myself & I

Me myself and I
Will never be lonely as long as i
Stick together like glue
Without you
I lie here on the cough
Thinking about potatoes and me
And i realize Destined to be french fries
Me myself
Me myself
My myself & I
My ship's been tossed about
Have some decency
The only friends i've got left 
are my idiosyncrasies

Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra

Lorenza Giada Alessandra
Lorenza Nicola Alessandra
Lorenza Giada Nicola
I love you I love you i love you