L7 Discography

1. LPs

L7 (Epitaph) bit the wax tadpole/ cat o' ninetails/ metal stampede/ lets rock tonight/ uncle bob/ snake handler/ runnin from the law/ cool out/ it's not you/ i drink/ ms.45

Smell The Magic (Sub Pop) shove/ fast and frightning/ (right on) through/ death wish/ till the wheels fall off/ broomstick/ packin a rod/ just like me/ american society

Bricks Are Heavy (Slash/Reprise) wargasm/ scrap/ pretend we're dead/ diet pill/ everglade/ slide/ one more thing/ mr. integrity/ monster/ shitlist/ this aint pleasure

Hungry For Stink (Slash) andres/ baggage/ can i run/ the bomb/ questioning my sanity/ riding with a movie star/ stuck here again/ fuel my fire/ freak magnet/ she has eyes/ shirley/ talk box

The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (Slash) the beauty process/ drama/ off the wagon/ i need/ moonshine/ bitter wine/ the masses are asses/ bad things/ must have more/ non-existent patricia/ me, myself & i/ lorenza, giada, alessandra

2. Singles


Packin A Rod

Pretend We're Dead




Off The Wagon

3. Compilations

Teriyaki Asthma (C/Z Records : 7" Vinyl)

Virus 100 (Alternative Tentacles)

International Pop Underground Convention (K Records)

More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex, and Death (Epitaph Records)

The Grunge Years (Sub Pop)

City Of L.A. Power/The Big One (Flipside)

Radio Tokyo Tapes Part IV (Chameleon Records)

The Melting Pot (SST)

Everyone Has A Shonen Knife Who Loves Them (Gastanka)

Tantrum (Cocktail)


'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Soundtrack

'Serial Mom' soundtrack


Tribute To Willie Nelson

'Jerky Boys' Soundtrack

4. Bootlegs

Enter Party Songs: Lost Cause | Deathwish | Scrap | Slide | Take That Break | Everglade | Seattle Quickly | Mr. Integrity | Broomstick | Wargasm | Moster | Just Like Me | Pretend We're Dead | Shove | Fast & Frightening | American Society | Shitlist | Till The Wheels Fall Off

Femmchismo Songs: Fast & Frightening | Right On Thru | Scrap | Broomstick | Packin' A Rod | Cat O' Nine Tails | Deathwish | Till The Wheels Fall Off | Shove | Bloodstains | Shitlist

Maneater Songs: Lost Cause | Death Wish | Till The Wheels Fall Off | Diet Pill | Everglade | Shitlist | Pretend We're Dead | Shove | Fast & Frightening | Scrap | Broomstick | Right On Thru | Wargasm | Death Wish | Everglade | Monster | Pretend We're Dead | Shove | Fast & Frightening

Tampons Are Heavy Songs: Wargasm | Death Wish | Everglade | Monster | Pretend We're Dead | Shove | Fast & Frightening | Death Wish | Right On Thru | Scrap | Slide | Diet Pill | Enter Sandman | Diet Pill | Monster | Broomstick | Wargasm | Pretend We're Dead | Shitlist | Shove | Fast & Frightening

When Stink Hits The Fan Songs: Everglade | Death Wish | Stuck Here Again | Pretend We're Dead | Fast & Frightening | Questioning My Sanity | Scrap | Enter Sandman/We Care A Lot/Slide | Diet Pill | Shove | Monster | Shitlist | Right On Thru | Diet Pill

Freedom House Songs: (Same recording as Enter Party

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5. Notes

There is a Japanese version of "The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum" Which contains an extra track.
There is a "Hungry For Stink" release which contains an extra cd.